Short history of AssoDonna from 1995 to present.

AssoDonna is an Italian Women's Non Profit Association, based in Rome. It was founded in Naples, in 1995 to promote equal opportunities for employment. It was founded by Teresa Valerio, with the support of Gianna Di Pierdomenico, geography teacher, and Gabriella Valerio, an enthusiastic 20- year-old student, the first of many young girl students, graduates and under graduates, who will join the Association afterwards.
The aim is to promote gender equality in job and careers and entrepreneurship and guide young women towards better employment and entrepreneurship.

Launching and communication activities

Assodonna was launched on the event  titled ‘Euripe ’95’, a study-oriented forum that envisaged an influx of more than 30,000 visitors.
With the help of volunteers and a personal fund investment, Teresa Valerio bought a stand and became a sponsor of Euripe’95 on behalf of Assadonna, inserting its logo together with big companies, banks, Sole 24 ore (a relevant daily newspaper)  and other major institutions. This will be the beginning of all future activities.

It was one of the first women's associations for gender equality in Italy, to have a website as a House Organ. later in the years it renewed its logo and website (2004 - 2007). In 2010, Teresa Valerio moved the association to Rome and created a new website, unfortunately very little updated, as project activities had been stopped.

In 2017, Assodonna is still renewed and creates a new web portal for assodonna.it, to become a global female on line community, specially addressed to women and innovative startups.

Activities and projects for gender equality

Over the years, the association has carried out many training projects, European programs and initiatives and has been awarded a prize by the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.
for the project - Women for Europe and The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European citizen.

It has organized events that were considered of great interest by local and national Boards, who granted numerous patronage, and by Media from all over Italy, who have performed plenty of services, as the extensive collection press review demonstrates. Thousands of women turned to AssoDonna for their personal, professional, and entrepreneurial growth.

Teresa Valerio's profile

Founder and President of AssoDonna, she graduated in Germanic Languages and Literature in Naples and expanded and furthered studies in other disciplines in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States.
Teacher of foreign languages, she left early teaching with voluntary resignation to engage in other activities.
She has been engaged in finance, business consulting, local development, gender equality and female entrepreneurship.
She is currently living and working in Rome.



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AssoDonna ONP was founded in 1995 to promote equal employment opportunities and female entrepreneurship. Today it inspires women towards change, innovative start-ups and the new economy. The contents cover: work and equal opportunities in the economy of the future, businesses, innovative start-ups and financing, interviews and success stories, news on culture and technological innovations